Voice teacher Kevin Michael Murphy

"Finding your voice" means when taking voice lessons with the NYC Vocal Studio, we look at you and see you. We help our voice students find an easy, efficient placement to their singing, that allows them to express their unique personality, musicianship, and artistry.

In addition, all of our teachers have Master's degrees in voice, and have specifically studied vocal pedagogy(the practice of teaching singing involving an intimate knowledge of the physiology of the human voice). While we have obtained our degrees, we are lifelong learners, always in search of cutting edge information related to voice, science, expression, movement, and performance.

We look at your whole body as your instrument: and have discovered that freeing the tension in one seemingly unrelated area of the body,  can open up a world of possibility for the voice. Our approach looks at how the brain and the nervous system interact with the body and the singing voice.  We help our students learn how to work with their brain, instead of in spite of it.  As singers, many of us get stuck in our heads, and we have found that a surefire way to get out of one’s head is to get into one’s body.

At the NYC Vocal Studio, we believe that all types of singing are centered around the basic fundamentals of breath and resonance. Our approach, helps singersbreathe more efficiently, sing with less tension, increase the range and control of their voice, and improve their physical alignment.Whether it's Rodgers and Hammerstein or Pat Benatar, Pasek and Paul or Ed Sheeran, we help our students sing repertoire during in a way that feels good vocally and makes them feel something emotionally.  Isn’t that why we sing?

We sing to communicate and express. It’s impossible to ignore the fact that singing is a vehicle of expressing thoughts, emotions and ideas. It is only when we connect the technical vocal facility with the emotional expression, that we fully embody all that singing can be.

The NYC Vocal Studio prides itself on using voice lessons with our students to address the demands placed on singers today. We want to help you have fun while singing, feel confident that your voice will respond the way you expect it to, and feel proud of your voice. After working with the NYC Vocal Studio you feel like you have something to share, something that is uniquely you: your voice.